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How long have you been looking around the Internet looking for some sort of courses or programs that will teach you how to make money online, even if you are just sitting at home? Well, you have come to the right place, as below I have reviewed a couple of programs have been proven to offer great value to people interested to make money online and wanting to expand their income

As a homemaker and freelance writer, I have always looked around for other work-from-home opportunities to make
extra cash for my family and myself. In the past 6 months or so, I joined and tested several work-from-home programs and internet marketing membership sites. I discovered that the best work-from-home job is internet business, mainly through internet marketing, which includes affiliate marketing.

After testing out a number of programs, I discarded a few and finally short-listed my personal TOP PICK HOME-BASED INTERNET BUSINESS PROGRAMS to share with you here. They are what I think to be the best and valuable programs available so far to teach and support people who are just starting out on internet home business with no previous experience. 

highly recommend that you read carefully the reviews on the programs below BEFORE you select one that you consider suits you the most. Guess what? You can choose to begin your home business almost immediately!
 I personally started to see results after 2-3 months applying what I learned from each of these programs, that is why I believe you too can have a successful home business if you follow the steps and internet business tips taught in these programs. 

Just remember this: building a long-term, successful and profitable internet business does not happen in 24 hours, though some people may see results in as short as 1 week. Internet marketing is just like any legitimate business; it demands diligence, perseverance and continuous learning. The programs I reviewed here are not get-rich-overnight schemes! You probably won't see massive cash flowing in the short term, but you will definitely get there if you stick to it.

So, let's not waste time. Enjoy the review, select a program, take action, and work towards your dream!


Kyle & Carson's Wealthy Affiliate

   Visit Wealthy Affiliate

Skill level:
Beginner - Medium

a) $29.99/month
(based on annual subscription)

b) $39.00/month
(based on monthly subscription)
Guarantee: Not available
Earnings potential: 9.5/10
Success rate: 10/10

Ease of use: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Overal: 5/5 stars

Features I like:
8-week action plan - to help you focus on a series of systematic internet marketing activities
Site Rubix - a website builder to help those who are not familiar with
creating websites
Buddy system - you can find internet marketing buddies and help each other out
Wealthy Affiliate forum - share your opinions, read success stories of
other members, or simply shout out
for help in this member-only forum
Turnkey feeder sites - make money with ready-made affiliate websites





Kyle and Carson's Wealthy Affiliate (or known as the Wealthy Affiliate University) is my first and most powerful pick. This is the most awesome internet marketing program for anyone at any level - even with no previous experience - who truly wants to build a genuine money-making home-based internet business from home.  
I strongly recommend this program for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is not just an e-book that you buy, read and try to figure out things on your own. It is a well-planned and developed internet marketing site that teaches you the fundamental as well as advance techniques on internet marketing, with the focus on affiliate marketing. These techniques you learn will take you a long way down a successful money-making journey.  

In addition, you get the relevant learning materials and market research tools - tutorials and guides, e-books, video training, keyword research software, website building tools and hosting service, etc - all under one roof. Basically you have access to all that you need to learn and kick start your very first home-based internet business - instantly! The amount of content you see may not look 'meaty' at first impression, but I would say that they are sufficient to get you started.

Sure, you can always buy another dozen of internet marketing e-books as you wish provided there is no budget constraint. But I would say Wealthy Affiliate is the 'cake', the substance of everything, while the additional e-books serve as the 'icing', the supplemental information to help expand the foundation that you have built. Without a cake, there is no place to put your icing onto, right?

Speaking from experience, I can assure you that you will be overwhelmed by the information you see once you started a home-based internet business. There are just simply too many internet markting guides or affiliate marketing e-books out there, too many ways and tricks to run an internet marketing business. You will be confused if you try to apply each and every one of them. Worse, it will get you no where! I've been there, done that, and knew how it is like to feel lost, confused and demotivated.

That is why I think it is crucial that, as a beginner, you have a systematic, step-by-step proven action plan to follow. This is where the Wealthy Affiliate's 8-week action plan comes in. The plan is easy to follow with different tasks given each week. Accomplish the tasks given, and you will learn all the aspects necessary to set up and run your own internet home business. In fact, you may even find yourself starting to make money in that 8 weeks from affiliate marketing campaigns ready-made for the Wealthy Affiliate members!

Perhaps, what makes Wealthy Affiliate the most well-recognized internet marketing site is its friendly and supportive internet marketing community that consists of internet marketers all over the world, both young and old, amateur and veteran. While Kyle and Carson are always there to assist (yes, you will get ONE-ON-ONE coaching service from two very successful and wealthy affiliates), every members of Wealthy Affiliate are there to lend a helping hand should you need any. I made a few internet marketing buddies there. They had helped me around when I was still new in internet marketing, and given me useful feedback and suggestion. Without their guidance, support and encouragement, I would have quit this business long time ago and not be able to see the results I achieved today.  

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are entitled to its web-hosting service FREE OF CHARGE, meaning you don't have to pay for other web-hosting should you decide to have your own website. Just get a domain name and link it to Wealthy Affiliate's server, which is as powerful as, if not better than, any server out there. The only drawback is, you won't be able to use it once you cancel your membership. But that it's not a major problem because you can always sign up for one yourself and transfer your domain over to the new hosting account.

I will not go into details on other features and tools you can get at Weatlthy Affiliate, otherwise this review will have to spread over a few pages! The easiest thing to do now is to visit the Wealthy Affiliate website and take a look at it yourself. I'm sure you will be amazed by it. :)

Ewen Chia's Super Affiliates Inner Circle Membership Club

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Skill level:
Beginner - Advanced

Cost: $47/month
Guarantee: 56-day,
100% money-back guarantee
Earnings potential: 9.5/10
Success rate: 8/10

Ease of use: 9/10
Support: 8.5/10
Overal: 4/5 stars

Features I like:
Video tutorial training - the
short clips are easier to follow than to read instruction on books!
Live video case study -  learn new marketing strategies from time
to time
Instant business-in-a-box -
save me trouble to build my autoresponder messages and
articles from scratch
PLR and resale rights package - I can 'create' my own product to sell and keep all the profits!





Ewen Chia's Super Affiliates is a membership club, more known as the . This is another great work-from-home business program because, really, if you want to make massive amount of money from affiliate marketing,who else would you want to learn from but Ewen Chia, the World's no.1 Super Affiliate himself?

I am personally a fan of Ewen Chia and have gotten quite a number of his affiliate marketing products, but I think that Super Affiliates membership club is still his best 'product' of all, and should be recommended to anyone who intends to make money online from selling other people's product.

I can assure you that you always get more than you paid for with Ewen Chia's products. By becoming an esteemed member of this club alone, you will receive a 6-module package consisting of:

1) An e-book that lays out the 15 steps to start a business as an online affiliate marketer.

2) A series of step-by-step video tutorial training (a total of 51 videos!) that makes it easier to follow, even for a newbie with zero experience.

3) Monthly expert audio training where all the super affiliate marketing secrets are revealed (secrets from Ewen himself as well as other 'underground' super affiliates)!

4) Monthly live video case study, where Ewen will demonstrate different strategies to get you further in your affiliate marketing business to receive bigger affiliate paychecks.

5) Monthly Instant Business-In-A-Box, which includes a free report on a particular topic, autoresponder messages which you can use to build your email list, ready-written articles for you to submit to article directories, products related to the topic for you to promote, and lots more. It surely is a great ready-made package to help you build list and at the same time sell something, when you have zero materials to start with. This was what I used to to build my subscriber list.

6) Private label rights and resale rights package for you to sell. Another great ready-made money-making opportunity exclusively prepared for Ewen's club members, where the different pages you need to upload to your website are all pre-written and designed for you. The only problem I find with this is that, the package is removed every month and being replaced by a new package. So if you forgot to download your package this month, there is no way to access it again.

Besides these 6 modules, you may also find extra unannounced bonuses that Ewen throws in. But you can only find out what they are if you join, because I can't guarantee if the bonuses are still available or the same at this time.

I would say that the Secret Affiliates Inner Circle Membership Club is the most comprehensive, complete, step-by-step affiliate marketing program I've come across so far. It has an efficient support team to answer your questions submitted to the helpdesk, but of course, you won't get the similar interaction as you would with Wealthy Affiliate.

Simply put, I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make money from home with affiliate marketing, as it is a complete step-by-step system that truly covers all aspects of affiliate marketing that will convert to a profitable online business in the long-run. However, one can easily get overwhelmed by the information provided by Super Affiliates. I was when I first joined the club!

In addition, this program requires one to activly apply what is learned about affiliate marketing business in order to generate the massive cash as 'guaranteed' in the sales page.

So, ask yourself - are you ready for the information avalanche and to take massive action? If yes, then visit Ewen Chia's Super Affiliates Inner Circle Membership Club now to learn more.

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